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Driving in the Landscape

Friday, May 30, 2008 to Friday, June 27, 2008

Curated by: Derek Liddington / essay by: Dagmara Genda Artists: William Noah / Stephen Lavigne / Z'otz* Collective

London is a city both physically and symbolically divided by its bridges, waterways, roads, railways and highways. Consequently, seemingly simple labels such as ‘East of Adelaide’, ‘Kipps Lane’ and ‘Manor Park’ have entered our vernacular as markers of margins, boundaries and displacements. The exhibition Driving in the Landscape attempts to map notions of displacement, migration, immigration, isolation, and Canadiana within an urban landscape that is often presented as culturally unified and even homogenous. The works of artists Stephen Lavigne, William Noah, the Z’otz* collective, and the essay by Dagmara Genda, are interpretations of their own urban and cultural ‘landscapes’ through visual and textual forms. The diverse practices of these artists offer a rare grouping of cultural and generational perspectives. The term perspective is an important one for this exhibition. It includes not only the range of perspectives offered by the artists involved but also the local youth the exhibition seeks to engage in artistic collaboration. As a component of the exhibition, local youth work with regional and national artists in a dialogue that may open wider perspectives and employ art as a vessel for social exchange.


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