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FCG Studios

Forest City Gallery is home to three accessible and rentable artist studios in vibrant Old East Village. Applications can be submitted at any time through this form. Applications will be reviewed as space becomes available by a jury comprised of the Director, other studio residents, and occasionally a Board member. 


All are welcome to apply for studio space, however, priority will be given to:

  • Emerging artists or artisans in visual art, sculpture, writing, movement, etc.; 

  • Artists who self identify as a member of equity-seeking groups. 


About the Studios

The 24-hour access studios are located within Forest City Gallery at 1025 Elias Street in London, Ontario. Each studio is accessible by a locking door, separate from the Main Gallery, FCG offices, and other workspaces. In addition to each self-contained studio, residents will have access to a work area including work sink (shared with visiting artists as needed), all kitchen amenities, tea/coffee, and secure WiFi.

Rental Costs & Stipulations: 2023

Studios are rented on an annual basis with monthly rental instalments paid via auto-withdrawal on the first day of the first month of studio occupancy. Alternative rental agreements may be negotiated under special circumstances at the discretion of the Venue Committee at Forest City Gallery.

The below rents are calculated based on the percentage of studio space in relation to the building’s total rent (9% for large studios and 7% for the smaller one) plus HST. In addition to this rate, there is an insurance fee and a space use fee of $25.00 a month that will be used to cover WiFi, space upgrades, and the repainting/repairing fees in the studio spaces. A breakdown of these costs will be included in the Space Use Agreement signed in advance of access to your studio but can be requested beforehand. 

Rental Increases for Long-Term Lease Holders

Rents increase marginally each year based on FCG’s lease with the landlord of 1025 Elias Street. Projected studio costs are available for the next ten years and can be requested through the below contact information. 


Studio One

January-June 2023:  $230.58/month

  • 200 sq ft of space 

  • Studio lighting 

  • Private sink

  • Ceramic Tile Floor


Studio Two

January-June 2023:  $289.31/month

  • 240 sq ft of space 

  • Studio lighting

  • Plywood Floor


Studio Three

January-June 2023:  $289.31/month

  • 240 sq ft of space 

  • Studio lighting 

  • Plywood Floor




If you’re interested in renting a studio at FCG, please fill out this form. We will get back to you with any current and upcoming availability, and may request a time to discuss if and how we might best support your studio needs.  


If you require assistance or accommodation in filling out the form or if filling out forms isn’t your thing, please film or record yourself speaking about your practice (less than 3 minutes) and send to with the subject line “Artist Studio.”


Have questions? Want to book a tour? Feel free to reach out to the Director or the Board of directors. 


Forest City Gallery

1025 Elisas St. 

London, ON, N5W 3P6

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