Hours and Location

Wednesday 12pm–5pm

Thursday 12pm–7pm

Friday 12pm–5pm

Saturday 12pm–5pm


Forest City Gallery is located at 258 Richmond St. in downtown London, Ontario (see map).


Forest City Gallery closes between exhibitions for the installation of the next show. Please see the Current Exhibitions and Upcoming pages on the FCG website for information on our programming schedule.


Transportation & Parking


Forest City Gallery is located along the 04, 15, 06, and 104 bus routes through the London Transit Commission (LTC). All LTC conventional service routes are now designated accessible. This means that every scheduled bus on each route will be a low-floor accessible bus.

If you are driving, limited parking is available behind the Gallery along the chain-link fence.

Biking and walking are always encouraged when possible, and bike racks are available in front of the Gallery.


Physical Accessibility


Forest City Gallery's staff are on-call and ready to assist with physical access during both regular gallery hours and events—please email or call/text 416-712-0543.

FCG is located at ground level but the main entryway has a 5” step, which has been ramped for wheeled access with the assistance of . There are two doors to pass for entry to FCG and no doors have buttons for automatic entry. All doors require a turn, pull, or push. Weather permitting, these doors will be propped open.

Service animals are always welcome. Please let staff know if any assistance is required.




There is one gender-neutral, self-contained public restroom at ground level that is wheelchair accessible and is equipped with grab bars. The bathroom door has a lever door handle with a push-button lock. The bathroom is equipped with changing facilities.


Language & Communication Barriers


While FCG is presently seeking grants to update our website for accessibility and to include English, French, and Spanish translations, unless otherwise indicated, FCG currently operates in English only. This includes all events, programming texts, and all communications, both verbal and written. Translation and some forms of interpretation may be available by request by contacting


Allergens & Scent Sensitivity


FCG is a public space and while we discourage the use of scented products, and discourage all those who enter our space from bringing in other known allergens, we cannot guarantee a scent and allergen-free environment.


Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking/Vaping


While much of FCG's programming is all-ages and dry, FCG is not a fully dry space, as we do operate a licensed bar at a minority of our events and will on occasion have alcohol on the premises. During events that serve alcohol, we will always have nonalcoholic refreshments and snacks available. We do not condone the use of drugs or outside alcohol at our events.

Smoking, including tobacco products, cannabis, and vaping (e.g. e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited at FCG. Smoking and vaping must be kept a minimum of nine metres from any entryway.


Free or PWYC


People from all financial backgrounds are always welcome at FCG. FCG never has entrance fees during our regular gallery hours. In addition, most of our auxiliary programming and events are also free. We do occasionally operate programming and events that are ticketed, or request a donation or PWYC for participation, typically for fundraising purposes.

We recognize that the PWYC option can sometimes create a perceived financial barrier, where it may be seen as a request for some form of financial contribution even if one may not have the means to do so; however, FCG will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds.

We recognize that the financial cost of childcare for parents and guardians can be prohibitive and we hope that families will feel welcome to bring along children. FCG is a child-friendly space and parents and guardians can decide whether exhibitions or events are appropriate for their children. At this time, FCG does not provide childcare—this includes for workshops or special events where access to on-site childcare may impact participation.


Safe Space Policy


Every person has the right to feel safe and included at any event, and to be treated with respect and dignity. FCG will never tolerate discrimination or hateful speech or acts, which include but are not limited to racism, sexism, white supremacy, heterosexism/homophobia, cissexism/transphophia, queerphobia, ableism, ageism, sizeism, sexual harassment, and all acts of violence and harassment. This is in effect at all times and under all circumstances at FCG, at all FCG off-site events, and all programming—including workshops, events, residencies and other mentorships, and all other spaces that FCG hosts, both online and offline.

FCG is an anti-harassment, pro-survivor centre, and we reserve the right to intervene and/or remove any person who is creating or contributing to an unwelcoming or unsafe environment.

FCG is committed to presenting critical contemporary art that is often political, and we recognize that content can sometimes be challenging and difficult for some viewers. FCG encourages all visitors to review promotional materials prior to each visit. For exhibitions and events that engage with difficult subject matter, a content warning will be issued at the entryway of the space.

To read our full Safe Space policy please click here.

FCG is committed to identifying and removing barriers on an ongoing basis that reduce opportunities for inclusion and participation and we are committed to accommodating the needs of all of our community members; however, we recognize that barriers to access come in many forms. Please send questions, feedback, research, or resources regarding accessibility and inclusion by email to or by phone (519) 434-5875.

To read our full Safe Space Policy please click here.
To review FCG’s Mandate, Mission, and Value Statements please click here.