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Main-Gallery Exhibition Submissions​


Forest City Gallery (FCG) seeks dynamic submissions from artists and curators across disciplines. We are an artist-run centre founded on artistic autonomy with a commitment to excellence in programming exhibitions and events that reflect recent developments in cultural production. We welcome innovative proposals from artists and curators of all disciplines and career levels with a focus on emerging artists and practices.


FCG serves to foster and support contemporary art, promoting dialogue amongst local, regional, and international arts communities. As an artist-run centre, FCG is most interested in programming works/projects that are experimental, progressive, and impactful. We are enthusiastic about artists' most recent endeavours and those art forms, which propel contemporary production and incite conversation. The main criterion for exhibition selection is that proposed projects align with our mandate and bolster our value statements.

Forest City Gallery currently has one annual submission deadline of March 31st of each year for its main gallery space.

Download a PDF of the main gallery floor plan.


A few general notes:

  • Exhibiting artists for both our main gallery and FCG Pier Wall are paid in accordance to CARFAC fees.

  • Our main gallery exhibitions are 8 weeks in duration. Artists are invited to give an additional on-site or virtual artist talk or workshop (including a corresponding CARFAC fee) during their exhibition.

  • FCG invites writers to create new exhibition texts for our main gallery exhibitions. Writers are chosen in consultation with the artist. These texts are available in the gallery and on our website, and FCG collects exhibition texts in our printed DIGEST Anthology.

  • Please note that we are currently programming main gallery exhibitions into 2026. This extended calendar is due to a recent expansion of our exhibitions from 6 weeks to 8 weeks (in short: everything got pushed ahead a bit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

  • The attached submission package is for our main gallery exhibition space. FCG Pier exhibitions are developed by our Programming Chair and Director, and we will put out calls for these exhibitions on a rolling schedule. Artists and curators may also submit proposals for our FCG Pier Wall as a Special Projects Submission (see below).

  • Applicants are invited to include a sketch of their proposed exhibition layout by using the link above to our floor plan and attaching it to their final submission form.


Please email all submissions to Programming Chair Maxwell Hyett:


Submissions must include:

  • A completed application form (Application form found here).

  • Artist CV, attached as a separate pdf file with (optional) press examples

  • 15 images of existing and/or proposed work, or a combination of images and video. Images should be  JPG or PNG format only, at 72dpi. Maximum file size per image is 1 mb. Please do not send WeTransfer (or comparable) file transfers of images. Instead, attach images as separate files in your email (do not embed images in your email), or provide a link to a Google, OneDrive, or Drop Box folder to your separate image files. Please see application form for more details and instructions for titling images/video. 

  • Video files (optional). Please do not attached video files to your email. Instead, upload video files to an external hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo) or include video files in an externally hosted folder (Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop Box). Please see application form for more details and instructions for titling images/video. 


Paper/mailed submissions will no longer be accepted. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact our Director, Ruth Skinner, at to make alternative arrangements for submission.

Each year, FCG invites an external Programming Jury of community members to select our main gallery exhibitions. The adjudication process may take several months to prepare and process after the March submission deadline. We make every effort to respond to all applicants, but please anticipate that only successful candidates will be contacted. If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, contact us at

Special Projects Submissions


Special Projects may be one-off events or proposed as a limited series. Examples of Special Projects include performances, live art projects, public talks, workshops and skill-sharing events, off-site projects and interventions, screenings, and digital platform events. We invite artists as well as those working across disciplines to apply.


Special Project submissions must include:

  • Description of proposed activities including location, proposed date(s) and duration, technical requirements and general feasibility, budget, and audience. Please include full name and contact information (max. 500 words).

  • Artist's/Curator's CV

  • Up to 10 images OR up to 5 mins of video + 5 images (JPG or PNG format suggested, each file not exceeding 1 MB. Links to videos requested.)

  • Image list

  • Other documents related to your proposal, up to a maximum of 2 documents (eg. press materials, catalogues)


Please send any questions or Special Projects Submissions to the Director at

There is no deadline for Special Project Submissions. Proposed projects and initiatives will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Financial support for projects will differ based on the type of proposal and number of participants, but will be commensurate with the CARFAC Fee Schedule recommendations.

Please note that all proposals for main gallery exhibitions must be submitted through our annual Main Gallery Exhibition Submission stream and will not be reviewed for Special Projects.

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