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Mask Bank

An illustration of a turtle wearing a protective mask by artist Dana Kearley
Illustration by Dana Kearley

Forest City Gallery is excited to launch Mask Bank: our free community KN95 distribution programme for our community; visitors, members and non-members alike. KN95 masks are available upon arrival to the gallery to use during your visit. You are also invited to take a pack of masks with you for your daily use. In accessing the Mask Bank, we ask that you take what you need, and no questions will be asked upon pickup. Please ask FCG Director Ruth or our Gallery volunteers to access the Mask Bank during our regular hours of operation or at any of our events. We hope this programme serves the arts community, which has been uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This illustration appears courtesy of Vancouver-based artist Dana Kearley, whose work centers on care, slowness, and healing, taking inspiration from '80s, and '90s pop culture. Drawing from their own precarious health, Kearley often illustrates beings using mobility devices or living with disabilities or in this case, wearing PPE. @danakearley

We would like to thank Bona Fide Masks for freely providing Forest City Gallery with authentic Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for our community. See our form (link) for further information on the Mask Bank and to request and schedule specialized assistance during your mask pickup at the gallery.


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