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As part of its commitment to supporting emerging arts practices, Forest City Gallery offers of range of professionalizing opportunities. In the recent past and prior to the COVID pandemic, we partnered with H.B. Beal Secondary School and TAP Centre for Creativity to invite London-based and regional artists, curators, writers and collectives to carry out a research and production residency. FCG has facilitated a Youth Council and student meet-and-greet mixers to facilitate connections between high school, college and university studies.


We understand that there are emerging artists across all age groups, and in addition to youth- and student-focused programs, FCG offers workshops and networking events, experiential learning placements, internships, one-on-one peer and professional mentorship, and on-site and virtual crit groups. We are currently working toward the expansion of our Collaboratory, an on-site resource and flex space. 


If you are seeking professional development opportunities as an artist, we encourage you to get in touch and share your ideas with us! Email us at or visit us on-site.

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