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Crit Nights at FCG: 2024

Starting up again on January 19, 2024
4PM - 6PM in the Gallery

Facilitated by FCG Intern Jack Cocker

Call to London artists!

Forest City Gallery wants you to come to our upcoming crit nights!

Crit Nights at FCG are open to artists at all stages of their career looking to get feedback and inspiration from a growing community of artists in London, ON. Critiques are open to all artists practicing all disciplines, whether it be drawing and painting, sculpture, video, sound, installation, or anything in between; if you’re engaged in something creative and want feedback from like-minded individuals, Crit Nights at FCG is an awesome place to be.

Running every other Friday evening 4:00-6:00 PM, artists are invited to bring their artwork in person or to submit photos/videos to so they may be displayed digitally come the critique. The atmosphere is meant to be casual, relaxed, and generous.

The first Crit Night of 2024 will be held Friday, January 19th from 4:00-6:00 PM. It is not necessary to show up at 4:00– drop-in visits are welcome.

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