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Hindsight: A collaborative collage workshop celebrating 50 years of FCG

Sunday April 28, 2024

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sarah Munro and Billy Bert Young, London-based artists, invite you to join them for a collaborative collage experience. Participants will be provided with materials sourced from the archives of Forest City Gallery, as well as local indie publishing archives from the Michael Niederman Collection at Western Archives, the What Wave Archives (courtesy of Dave and Rena O'Halleran), and local print ephemera from the McIntosh Gallery's Resources and Research Collection. Participants will also be provided with all the necessary tools, equipment, and innovative instruction to expand your creative practice!

This workshop aims to inspire participants to explore the art of collage and collaboration through both maximalist and minimalist approaches. Sarah and Billy will delve into the principles and elements of design and composition, empowering participants to construct narratives from disparate elements. Attendees will learn about essential tools, techniques, materials, and image sources commonly utilized by collage artists. Together, we will carefully select, cut, and arrange various ephemera to craft our own individual and collective stories. 

Sarah Munro is a London ON. born and based artist whose art practice explores themes of bringing order to chaos and the tension between withdrawal and engagement in both personal and political spheres. Her recent exhibitions include shows at Zalucky Contemporary (2018) and Satellite Project Space (2018). Munro currently works as the Curator of Engagement and Outreach at Museum London.

Billy Bert Young is an artist based in London, ON. Majoring in Printmaking, at NSCAD, he found a love for graphic images throughout the history of printed matter. The practice of collage became an integral part of his art, and remains present throughout his work. Inspired by found and borrowed imagery from a variety of pop culture periodicals and children's books he reinvents images and objects to re-imagine their narrative within his own visual language. Billy Bert Young is represented by Skwirl Gallery in Bayfield, ON.

Sarah Munro, "invasive species," found images, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist.

Billy Bert Young, “Atmosphere II”, collage on wood panel, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.


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