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Queer Hear Here

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doors at 8:00 PM

FCG is proud to present our first Queer Hear Here, curated by GENERAL POPULATION (GEN POP) happening on November 22nd 2014. Queer Hear Here will feature BOY PUSSY (Toronto, ON), WORMWOOD (London, ON), SOME MEN (London, ON) and LOCAL DOUCHE (London, ON).

This event is a part of FCG's All That Glitters Programming:

Hear Here is a series of live-shows that take place at FCG in between exhibitions. The FCG gratefully acknowledges OIART and WELLINGTON BREWERY for sponsoring this music series.

Doors at 8 PM Music at 8:30 - 11 PM $5 - $10 sliding scale admission All ages event Licensed event for 19+ attendees

About GEN POP: General Population (Gen Pop) is a not-for-profit grassroots collective that hosts monthly trans and queer events in London. Gen Pop was started to create an alternative safe space that caters to people who do not identify with the gender-normative social settings of other bars. Gen Pop is more than a dance event. We host queer trivia nights, film screenings and discussions, and often have interactive art installations that coincide with our fun themes. The night is equal parts dance romp and radical provocation as well as an overall celebration of cultural and gender ambiguity. More importantly, Gen Pop is a political project with a mandate for community-building. We are against the corporatization of queer identities. Just because gays can now marry does not mean that our social, political, and economical needs have been met. We have a vision and we hope you can join us in our effort to build a safe, loving, and caring community.

QUEER HEAR HERE FEATURES: ---------------------------------------------- BOY PUSSY (Toronto, ON) ---------------------------------------------- WORMWOOD (London, Ontario) ---------------------------------------------- SOME MEN (London, Ontario) ---------------------------------------------- LOCAL DOUCHE (London, Ontario) ----------------------------------------------


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