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My Diasporic Family’s Living Room: Part 1

Friday, February 7, 2020


"My Diasporic Family’s Living Room" is a workshop that takes the experience and consumption ofa shared meal and food as a site through which immigrant-settlers find a sense of comfort, encouragement and survival as they live or sometimes struggle to live in their new host country. The installation for the workshop simulates Jasmine’s home from her childhood, where the consumption of food became a source of unification and sense of community for her Indian family living in diaspora. Taking further inspiration from the Forest City Gallery’s current exhibition, Through Clenched Teeth, this workshop asks, “when does the act of consumption become comfortable?” within the context of the immigrant-settler consciousness and theconsumption of food. Asking about the notion of comfort rather than discomfort explores thepower dynamics and identity politics related to immigrant-settler’s lived experiences, all the while considering and moving beyond ideas of capitalist consumption.

Moderated by Jasmine Sihra, this workshop invites members of the London public to thinkthrough inclusivity and diversity in art galleries, the notion of “consumption”, and share their ownexperiences over shared snacks. Everyone is welcome, but the invitation is extendedspecifically to immigrants living and working in London.This workshop will also take the form of a potluck!

Please bring snacks/food that is meaningfulto you or represents your respective homelands, as well as food cans that can be donated tothe London Food Bank, if you are able.

Cover photo credits:

Jasmine Sihra Sukhie Mudhar Joe Lail Aneeka Sihra Monique Sihra Krishen Sihra Elena Genua Ramolen Laruan Adam Mulder Jaspreet Braich Andreja Biscoe Anahí Gonzalez

Bio:Jasmine Sihra (b. Toronto) is an Indian Canadian second-generation immigrant-settler scholar,currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Western University in Art History and MuseumStudies.


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