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Artist's Multiple by Ronnie Clarke

i hope it might be instant

that you fit anyone

I designed this member’s edition inspired by ideas of play and connectivity. All one hundred and seventy Forest City Gallery member’s pieces can together make up a large, blank jigsaw image. In order to create an image of community, one is encouraged to foster close relationships with others. This multiple could take seconds and it could also take days. I hope the image is always full.

-Ronnie, 2018

Ronnie Clarke is an artist based between London and Toronto, Ontario. Clarke’s work blends elements of choreography, dance, movement, collaboration, video and installation. Her work is characterized by movement and mediation. She is interested in how language manifests, becomes translated and is mediated in the digital age. She explores the poetics of digital spaces; using movement she investigates how technology plays a role in our interactions with others. She holds a BFA from The University of Western Ontario.


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