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Beal Emerging Artist Exhibition

Thursday, September 13, 2012 to Friday, October 19, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 13 7:00 pm

The Beal Emerging Artist Exhibition features the works of BealArt Alumni Tristan McDonald, Carson Teal, Alex Versolatto & YUCK (Young Canadian Underground Knitters) with the entrance to the exhibition featuring the work of Camella Kim, an emerging Artist, recent Western University graduate and the recipient of the Forest City Gallery Exhibition Opportunity Award.

This exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of H.B. Beal Secondary School and the works of emerging artists in London, Ontario.  H.B. Beal Secondary School has offered a variety of vocational art programs over the years and since January 2012, you may have had the pleasure of experiencing exhibitions held across the city of London to celebrate the contributions Beal Alumni have made to visual culture. Bealart has partnered with local libraries, galleries and museums to ensure the exhibitions and celebrations continue through to December 2012. Forest City Gallery is excited to be a part of these celebrations which is providing an opportunity to showcase emerging artists in a space that has been deeply influenced by Beal Alumni for nearly 40 years.

London artists, including Beal Alumni founded CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/Le Front Des Artistes Canadiens) which provides clear guidelines for copyright and the fair payment of artists when they give workshops, lectures & artist talks, have artwork exhibited, have films screened and their images used.

London artists, including Beal Alumni also founded the 20/20 Gallery and Forest City Gallery which were some of the first Artist-Run Centres in Canada. Forest City Gallery will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013 because local artists, including Beal Alumni have donated time and resources to advocate for a space where artists have artistic autonomy and receive fair payment following CARFAC guidelines. Forest City Gallery’s programming provides these opportunities for artists of all career levels with a focus on emerging artists.

It is with great pleasure that this exhibition features the works of these emerging artists.


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