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Annual Juried Exhibition 22: FCG Feature Award Winner

The Endless Garden

Alexai Wilson

May 16 - June 1, 2024

Opening Reception May 16, 7-9PM

To Whom It May Concern:

So, here's the deal—I stumbled upon something peculiar the other day, and I am scratching my head trying to make sense of it. It's this series of videos, along with random pages and documents we were able to collect on the scene. The people we questioned are just muttering on about some shared dream? 

I’m not an expert at solving mysteries or codes, but there’s this nagging feeling that there is more beneath the surface. Like, there are these patterns and sounds scattered throughout the footage, and I’ve got zero clue what they mean. If you look closely there are markings everywhere, things will change right in front of you, and there are a lot of strange noises. Taking on this case is like stumbling into a room of locked doors and you can’t seem to find any of the keys or an alternative way out. I can’t shake this feeling that there is more than just creepy images and coincidences. 

That’s why you’re being thrown into this—maybe you’ve got a knack for puzzles or these sorts of things. If you’ve got a moment, take a peek at the footage, and check out the papers I found. It may not even be that big of a deal, but I am genuinely curious to see what you can come up with. Everyone else involved is concerned, and I just want this to be over with, y’know? Hit me up with your thoughts or any theories you might have. 

Cheers to chasing the unknown!


Alexai Wilson grew up in Sarnia, Ontario and discovered her love for the creative arts early in life. She has a passion for music, visual arts, creative writing, and theatre. While her usual content explores fantasy and sci-fi genres, Alexai also harbours a fascination for mystery and horror. She aspires to create immersive pieces by integrating multiple creative mediums. With a desire for storytelling, she sees herself working in the film and entertainment industry, pushing boundaries and exploring new areas of artistic expression. Alexai is currently working toward a BFA degree from Western University’s Department of Visual Arts.

The Annual Juried Exhibition (AJE) is one of the most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions in the Department of Visual Arts at UWO. This exhibition supports the production of new artwork made in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital media, photography, installation, sound, and performance. For many years, Forest City Gallery has supported the AJE through the contribution of the FCG Feature Award. The FCG Feature offers a presentation and platforming opportunity to one student each year, selected by a professional jury. The AJE 22 jury, which convened earlier this semester, awarded second-year student Alexai with this year’s FCG Feature Award because her AJE-exhibited work demonstrated a great deal of conceptual experimentation, technical accomplishment, and attention to the history of her medium.


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