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Artist's Multiple by Camila Salecedo

Attention all FCG Members in good standing! As a token for your ongoing support we are excited to gift you a 2021 Limited-Edition Artist Multiple by emerging artist Camila Salecedo titled to be (ser/estar).

to be (ser/estar) is a commissioned multiple by artist Camila Salcedo. The multiple is a series of multi-coloured bandanas with the screen-printed words "what you see is not me" on one side and "lo que ves no lo es" below. The artist aims to explore the different meanings bandanas have throughout the world based on context and colour, while at the same time subverting ideas around assumptions based on visual signifiers and ideologies. The title to be (ser/estar), alludes to how things can be lost in translation, as the verb "to be" in spanish has two nuanced translations: ser (meaning identity conditions that are permanent) and estar (meaning identity conditions that are temporary).


Camila Salcedo is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, community organizer, and arts educator currently based in Toronto. She uses memory as a methodology for reshaping the past, enacting through the present, and creating new futures. Through do-it-yourself patchworks, she attempts to weave together her view of the world, while questioning systems, ideologies, authorities and institutions that were created to define us such as gender, identity, migration and nations.


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