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what is it like to be an onion I, (edition of 10), 2023

22" x 22"

handmade onion skin dyed paper


We are delighted to feature this shadow box-framed paper tile from Lauren Chipeur's recent solo exhibition at Forest City Gallery: what on earth is holding the loop up. This exhibition traced the dispersion of elemental sulphur through industrial and everyday life following one particular carrier, the onion. Lauren's onion skin-dyed tiles covered the entirety of the gallery floor to create an immersive and tactile material experience.


Lauren Chipeur (b. 1989) is an artist based in Calgary, Canada on Treaty 7 Territory. She makes material and site responsive installations that engage ceramic processes as a way to untangle or distill new ways to know things. Lauren donated this work in its entirety to FCG, and the shadow box frame was provided courtesy of Art East Custom Framing.


Full proceeds from the purchase of this work will go toward Forest City Gallery. Thanks to Lauren Chipeur for her generosity. 

Lauren Chipeur: what is it like to be an onion I,

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