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D'Arcy Wilson- Artist Talk

Friday, May 23, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM

Forest City Gallery is proud to invite exhibiting, emerging-artist D'Arcy Wilson to discuss Tuck before the opening reception of her exhibition. 

About the Exhibition: This exhibition is comprised of two projects: Fleshold and Tuck. In Fleshold, a series of quilts were a series of quilts were hand stitched by the artist and donated to injured animals recuperating in wildlife rehabilitation centers. Upon the animals’ release, their security blankets were returned in varying states of wear. Tuck occurs at the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site, beginning as the artist composed lullabies for the museum’s collection of century old taxidermy. Visiting the site at dusk, she attempted to sing the animals to sleep. This exhibition laments the artist’s failures to nurture nature.

About the Artist: D’Arcy Wilson is a Halifax based multidisciplinary artist working primarily with performance. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, and participated in artist residencies throughout the country. D’Arcy’s work explores the relationships between people and wild animals, addressing themes of vulnerability, absence, and isolation. Each project highlights her inability to connect with wildlife and to seamlessly integrate into nature. The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of artsnsb in the creation of this work and of Arts Nova Scotia in the presentation of this project.

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