Forest City Gallery (FCG) is seeking dynamic submissions from artists and curators across disciplines. FCG is an artist-run centre founded on artistic autonomy with a commitment to excellence in programming exhibitions and events that reflect recent developments in cultural production. FCG is looking for innovative proposals from artists and curators of all disciplines and career levels with a focus on emergent artists and practices.

FCG serves to foster and support contemporary art, promoting dialogue amongst local, regional, and international arts communities. As an artist-run centre, FCG is most interested in works/projects that are experimental, progressive and impactful. We are enthusiastic about artists' most recent endeavors and those art forms, which propel contemporary production and incite conversation. The main criterion for selections is to fulfill our mandate and bolster our value statements.

Artists are paid in accordance to CARFAC fees.

All submissions must be emailed to

Submissions must include:

A fully filled out application form (Application form found here).
Artist CV
Press Examples (Optional)
Above documents should be merged into a single PDF
15 images of existing and/or proposed work

Submissions (excluding images) should be merged into a single PDF. Paper/mailed submissions will no longer be accepted. Notification can be expected approximately 3 months following the jury date, by email. The adjudication process takes several months to prepare and process after the submission deadline. Only successful candidates will be contacted. If you have any questions concern the application process, contact us at

Forest City Gallery has two annual submission deadlines: March 31 and September 30

Download a PDF of the Gallery Floorplan.


Call for Submissions

Hidden in Plain Sight

Event Link

Forest City Gallery and London's Art in Public Places invite professional artists to submit an artwork for an 8 month-long public art showcase on one of 3 downtown Pattison Advertising video billboards. The artworks will be selected through an open, national call and curated by the Forest City Gallery Programming Committee and Director. Under the general theme of advertising and branding, we invite non-moving digital images/artworks that either directly involve, relate, or peripherally touch upon the following themes:

  • Advertising and advertisements for products, services, etc.
  • Branding (whether personal/biographical, or investigating branding optics)
  • Commercialism
  • Business/Economic-interested art practices
  • Borrowing "corporate" aesthetics
  • Ethics & advertisement
  • For-profit & non-profit industry economies
  • Economy-based politics and systems

The project will choose 8 artists and give them each a month-long exhibition on of London's downtown video billboards (through partial donation by Pattison Advertising). These screens get an average of 30 000 views per day. The works will be shown every 10 seconds in a 60-second cycle, between advertisements. The submitted image may be slightly cropped for sizing.
Instead of attempting to delineate between commercially booked advertising and disparately unconnected art practices, Hidden in Plain Sight seeks to incorporate aesthetics that mimic or are otherwise immersed in these aesthetics. The goal of this project is to incorporate art practices/works that involve different aspects of corporatization, branding, advertising, commercial endeavours, and/or the aesthetics and conventions of commerce or trade. We encourage artists who touch upon these themes in either direct or indirect ways. FCG encourages artists to apply whose practices that are pluralistic and complex in involving diverse histories and narratives somehow relating to the theme.
Artists will be paid a fee of $400 for use of the artwork for the duration of the project. Feel free to send completed or new work. We will also accept mock-ups for work uncompleted (although we are unable to provide fees necessary to complete the work).
Viewers will be able to go to and learn more about the project, the artists, the specific context for included artworks, and a link to each artist website. 
The project will begin on April 15th and run for a duration of 8 months.
Description of video billboards: This is an electronic Light Emitting Diode (LED) RGB display with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.00 square pixels and a pixel pitch of 10mm. It is designed specifically for large format outdoor installations. Our Digital Horizontal Posters only display static images: there is no animation, motion or sound. Our displays feature ambient light sensors that will dim the screens on dark days and at night to optimize viewing. The screen size of this display is equivalent to a 10’H x 20’W Horizontal Poster.
Submission Details: Content must be static with no motion, animation or audio. Submit a layered Photoshop file. Include a JPG preview. Fonts must be provided additionally in TTF or OTF. Any other image formats will not run and will be subject to a conversion charge. Specifications provided must be followed exactly for your message to display correctly.

The image size should be 576 pixels wide x 288 pixels high* at 72 PPI File Format PSD with JPG preview set to Baseline Standard Colourspace RGB
* The conversion to the digital display format slightly alters the aspect ratio. This distortion is not noticeable on the screen. Be aware that large areas of white, or very bright backgrounds may wash out lightweight or small type and graphics. For maximum legibility, text is recommended to be at least 28 pixels in height. This corresponds to approximately 12” in height when displayed on the board.
Please submit a high quality Image File (with the artwork title, and year as filename), along with a 250 word description that contextualizes the piece for inclusion within the theme. Please also include an artist CV and Bio. Please compile all of these files into a single compressed folder file and send to
We thank all those who apply. Only those selected will be notified.
DEADLINE: March 31st, 2019




OAC Exhibition Assistance Grants

This program is open to Ontario-based professional visual artists, craft artists and media artists who have a confirmed, upcoming public exhibition. The program provides grants of $500 to $1,500 to assist individual artists with costs related to presenting their work in an exhibition. Exhibitions in Ontario, in other Canadian provinces and in international locations are all eligible. For full program guidelines and an application form, please see the OAC website

All submissions for this program should be sent to:  /   Subject: OAC Exhibition Assistance Application



La Galerie Forest City (FCG) lance un appel de propositions aux artistes et aux conservateurs ou conservatrices œuvrant dans tout l’éventail des disciplines.

La Galerie Forest City (FCG) est un centre d’art autogéré qui encourage l’autonomie artistique et qui est voué à l’excellence des expositions et des événements qu’elle met sur pied. Cet engagement reflète les développements récents survenus en matière de production culturelle. La FCG sollicite des propositions innovatrices de la part des artistes et des conservateurs ou conservatrices relevant de toutes les disciplines et de tous les niveaux de carrière, l’accent étant mis sur les pratiques et les artistes émergents.

La FCG vise à favoriser et à soutenir l’art contemporain, tout en veillant à promouvoir le dialogue entre les communautés artistiques locales, régionales et internationales. En tant que centre d’art autogéré, la FCG s’intéresse principalement aux travaux ou projets de nature expérimentale, progressive et qui ont une puissante portée. Nous sommes enthousiastes face aux démarches artistiques les plus récentes et aux formes d’art qui alimentent la production contemporaine ainsi que le dialogue. Les principaux critères de sélection sont les suivants : fidélité à notre mandat et renforcement de nos énoncés de valeurs.

Les artistes sont rémunérés conformément au barème des tarifs de CARFAC.

Toutes les propositions doivent être adressées par courriel à

La forme des applications peuvent être trouvés ici

Les propositions soumises (à l’exclusion des images) doivent être combinées en un seul dossier PDF. Les propositions soumises sur papier ou par la poste ne seront plus acceptées.

Vous pouvez vous attendre à une notification environ trois mois après la date des délibérations du jury, par courriel. Le processus décisionnel prend plusieurs mois pour la préparation et le traitement après la date limite de soumission. Nous ne communiquerons qu’avec les candidats et les candidates retenus.

Si vous avez des questions au sujet du processus de demande, n’hésitez pas à les adresser à MmeJenna Faye Powell à:

Télécharger la version PDF du plan de la galerie

Les subventions du CAO – Aide aux Exposition

Ce programme est destiné aux artistes ontariens professionnels en arts visuels, en métiers d’art et en arts médiatiques dont la participation à une exposition future a été confirmée. Il inclut les expositions tenues en Ontario, dans d'autres provinces canadiennes ou à l'étranger. Ce programme accorde des subventions de 500 $ à 1 500 $ pour aider les artistes à défrayer les coûts liés à la présentation de leurs œuvres à une exposition. Pour les renseignements du programme complet et un formulaire de demande, s'il vous plaît consulter le site Web du CAO.

Toutes les demandes pour ce programme doivent être envoyées à:



La Forest City Gallery (FCG) se encuentra en busca de presentaciones dinámicas de artistas y curadores de todas las disciplinas.

La FCG es un centro gestionado por artistas que se basa en la autonomía artística y que está comprometido con la excelencia en la programación de exhibiciones y eventos que reflejen y aborden los últimos avances en producción cultural. La FCG se encuentra en busca de propuestas innovadoras de artistas y curadores de todas las disciplinas y niveles de carrera, con énfasis en artistas y prácticas emergentes.

La FCG tiene la función de fomentar y apoyar el arte contemporáneo, promoviendo el diálogo entre comunidades artísticas locales, regionales e internacionales. Como centro gestionado por artistas, la FCG tiene mayor interés en trabajos/proyectos que sean experimentales, progresivos e impactantes. Nos entusiasman los emprendimientos artísticos más recientes, y aquellas formas de arte que impulsan la producción contemporánea e incitan la conversación. El principal criterio para la selección es cumplir con nuestro mandato y reafirmar nuestra declaración de valores.

Los artistas son remunerados de conformidad con las tarifas del CARFAC.

Todas las presentaciones deberán enviarse por correo electrónico a

Formulario de solicitud se puede encontrar aquí.

Las presentaciones (excepto las imágenes) deberán incluirse en un solo documento en formato PDF. Ya no se aceptarán presentaciones en papel/enviadas por servicio postal.

Puede esperarse una comunicacion aproximadamente 3 meses después de la fecha del jurado, mediante correo electrónico. El proceso de adjudicación tarda varios meses en prepararse y procesarse después de la fecha límite de presentación. Sólo los candidatos elegidos recibirán una comunicación.

En caso de preguntas referentes al proceso de postulación, por favor, nodude en comunicarse con Jenna Faye Powell al correo electrónico

Descargue un plano de la galería en PDF


Ayuda económica del OAC

El programa está abierto a artistas profesionales dedicados a las artes visuales, artesanías y a los nuevos medios, residentes en Ontario que tengan una exposición próxima confirmada. El programa otorga entre $ 500 y $ 1500 para ayudar a los artistas a solventar los costos relacionados con la presentación de su trabajo en una exposición. Las exposiciones pueden ser en Ontario, en otras provincias de Canadá o en sedes internacionales. Los lineamientos completos del programa y el formulario de solicitud se encuentran en el sitio de Internet del OAC.

Todas las presentaciones para el programa deben enviarse a: