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The Arbornauts at Nuit Blanche

Saturday, June 14, 2014

7:00- PM- 1:00 AM

For Nuit Blanche London, on June 14th 2014, Forest City Gallery is proud to present a long-duration performance by the Arbornauts.

The Arbornauts is an interdisciplinary and collaborative art project by Amanda White, Lydia Burggraaf, and Meghan Krauss. The Arbornauts will be setting up their mission control on Dundas Street, but will also be venturing around the Nuit Blanche festival to research, climb and collect data from the urban tree canopy. The Arbornauts will collect specimens from surrounding trees and report back to their mission control to examine their found data, and live-update their website with their conclusions.

What will the Arbornauts deduce about London (aka. the “Forest City”) by the lack of trees in our downtown core?


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