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"You Can't Have Honey Without An Onion" reviewed for Akimbo

Rima Sater & Laura Acosta, You Can’t Have Honey Without An Onion, 2024, installation view (photo: Rachel Long / Saros Creative).

We're pleased to share this recent review of our current exhibition, You Can't Have Honey Without An Onion by Kim Neudorf for Akimbo. Neudorf writes Rima Sater and Laura Acosta's work:

The romance of nostalgia becomes the focused, zoomed-in experience of longing, which the artists are careful to ground in experiences of displacement – “without ever having known another place.” Viewers are not only asked to think through how they long for what no longer is, but what methods of construction, control, and compulsion may have been learned through a lifetime practice of longing – longing that might mean a partial fiction is needed for its seductiveness to be sustained.

You Can't Have Honey Without An Onion is on view until February 17, 2024.

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