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“To Haunt All That Might Yet Come To Be”: Raymond Boisjoly’s Noises

Thursday, June 28, 2012 to Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Digital Publication Launch

FCG is proud to announce the launch of a new digital publication, “To Haunt All That Might Yet Come To Be”: Raymond Boisjoly’s Noises.

The publication, contains an essay by Henry Adam Svec on Boisjoly's recent solo exhibition, "The Work That Work Leaves Undone" at the Forest City Gallery.

About Raymond Boisjoly: Raymond Boisjoly is an Aboriginal artist from Chilliwack, BC whose work engages issues of Aboriginality, language as a cultural practice, and issues of materiality. Boisjoly’s work is currently on view as part of Beat Nation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Boisjoly was awarded a Fleck Fellowship from the Banff Centre in 2010 and participated in the thematic residency La Commune. The Asylum. Die Bühne. at the Banff Centre in 2011. Boisjoly lives and works in Vancouver, BC. If you are in Toronto, check out Raymond's billbord included in The Power Plant's exhibition, Tools For Conviviality, opening June 30th, 2012.

About Henry Adam Svec: Henry Adam Svec writes songs, makes performance art, and works on a PhD in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. He’s presented work at Nuit Blanche (Toronto, upcoming), FADO, 7a*11d, Rhubarb, Eastern Edge, and Sappyfest, and his most recent projects (Folk Songs of Canada Now, The CFL Sessions) have combined folksong collecting and the mass-mediated hoax.Henry has been artist-in-residence at the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax and at The Banff Centre, and his first short story was recently published in The New Quarterly. He lives in London, Ontario.


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