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SafeSpace Love Fundraising Event

Saturday, June 8

6PM - 10PM

1025 Elias Street

Visit 1025 Elias Street this June 8 to support your local Safe Space. Forest City Gallery, Odyssey Records, Brown & Dickson, Back to the Fuchsia, and a legion of true-blue buddies are organizing this fundraising event for SafeSpace. Come out and spend time in this wonderful neck of OEV, and support a local non-profit delivering on-the-ground supports to the community.

SafeSpace London is a volunteer run support centre for sex workers, allies, and women in crisis. As some have astutely recalled, it was originally housed in the beloved arts and music hub, East Village Arts Collective (or EVAC), a champion for creativity, collaboration, community support, and mutual aid in Old East Village.

1025 Elias will be hosting live performances as well as an on-site auction and/or art sale. 100% of proceeds will go to SafeSpace. Tickets to this event will be $20, or $15 with a donation of a needed item. Contact if you require a subsidized ticket (capacity limited).

Purchase discounted tickets here ($15) (available with an additional donated item).

Visit this Current Needs List from SafeSpace for some donation inspiration,

Contact for a subsidized ticket.

Tickets will also be available at the door.


Jill Clair will be our emcee for the evening

Jenny Berkel

Westminster Park

Misha Bower - storytelling

Melissa Schnarr - poetry

The comedic styling of:

Jill Clair

Kaitlin Shuvera

Sammy Orlowski

Andres Garzon - live art

Cover image by Diana Tamblyn

Special thanks to the incomparable Soft Flirt (Alayna Hryclik) for her earlier promotional image.

Want to learn more about the important legacy of EVAC? Check out this video, courtesy of Alyssa Evetts!


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