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Rock Lottery 2.0 - an FCG fundraiser @ apk Live

Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's back! ... 'cause last year was so much fun'

25 musicians have been invited to partake in the Forest City Gallery fundraiser Rock Lottery. Musicians will meet at 8 a.m December 3rd at FCG where names will be drawn to form 5 new bands for the day. Musicians will be sent to designated rehearsal spaces where they have the day to write up to 5 new original songs. That evening at 8pm the doors of APK Live open to showcase to our delight what the one-time-bands have accomplished for a mere 5 dollars.

5 bands 5 songs 5 dollars new and returning musicians this year featuring members of Wild Domestic, Say Dominio, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Whipping Wind, Handsome Dan and his Gallimaufry, Space Slave, and many more. 19+ event // 8 p.m. /// /// ///

THE 2011 ROCK LOTTERY ROSTER: vocals: Andrew Lennox Olenka Krakus Mack Edwards Lynne Dubuc Andrew James

guitar: Matt Trocchi Evan James Redsky Blair Whatmore Justis Krar Dan Mancini bass: Shawn Larouge Steve Lourenco Zach Hoffman Casey Wolfe Sam Allen

drums: Brent Hebert Andrew Dal Cin Eric Lourenco Nathan Lamb +1 (waiting for confirmation)

wild card: Ian Doig-Phaneuf Tim Glasgow Kelly Wallraff Simon Larochette Graham Nicholas

/// /// /// Doors: 7 p.m Cover: $5 19+ event [poster by Andrew James] Thank you


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