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Ripping Fabric. Tearing Holes. - Logan MacDonald and Hazel Meyer

Friday, February 21, 2014 to Friday, March 21, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 21st, 7:00- 10:00 PM

Forest City Gallery is proud to present Ripping Fabric. Tearing Holes. an exhibition by collaborators and confidantes Logan MacDonald and Hazel Meyer.

Artist Statement

Working to develop an idiosyncratic mythology showcasing parts of the self, lived experience, and imagined possibilities, Ripping Fabric. Tearing Holes. uses the complicated relationship between pleasure and pain as a starting point. By creating an immersive environment using textiles, text, video and patterned wall drawings the gallery becomes an absurd yet compelling universe where these two sensory states of being co-exist. By embracing innuendos and tongue-in-cheek references, MacDonald and Meyer lyrically explore the complex inner desires of being ripped apart, through which we are left with gaping holes, emptiness, and a splattering of subject matter all over the walls.


Logan MacDonald is a visual artist and curator, who holds a MFA from York University (2010) and a BFA from Concordia University (2006). His solo and collaborative works have exhibited in galleries worldwide, and have been featured in publications such as CMagazine and Documenta 12. MacDonald hails from Newfoundland, and currently resides in Toronto.

Hazel Meyer is a visual artist and sports enthusiast based in Toronto. From the monumental to the modest her projects range from immersive installations, to small woven tags meant for an audience of one. She holds an MFA from OCAD University (2010), a BFA from Concordia University (2001), coaches junior girls basketball and exhibits her work in galleries, artist-run centers and festivals inter/nationally.

Logan and Hazel’s collaborative practice grew out of a mutual passion for dancing and queer electro-punk music, from which they began working together as a hyper-dancing DJ duo, DJ SIS n BRO. While headlining queer dance party nights their collaboration began to expand, working on a number of performance based projects, including co-programming an interactive screening as part of the Cinenova: All Hands On the Archive, presented at the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG), in collaboration with the Cinenova Archive, AGYU, and the Powerplant.

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