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Notice of Departure

Dear Forest City Gallery Community,


It is with both joy and sadness that we are announcing the departure of our beloved Executive Director, Ruth Skinner. It is bittersweet to see Ruth depart this role in August, but the Board is pleased to share that she is embarking on an exciting new journey as Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator for the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities (SASAH) at Western University. In her 16-month term with FCG, Ruth has built several programs and events from the ground up including founding FCG Pier, our new community exhibition space. The Board of Directors will surely be reporting on these positive and tangible impacts far beyond the end of her term.

Ruth’s relationship to FCG is longstanding, having been a community member for many years and served on the Board of Directors previously. Her time in the Executive Director role has proven to everyone that she knows the organization like the back of her hand and deeply cares about its flourishing. Prior to her entry into the role of Executive Director, Ruth worked extensively in the London arts ecosystem and obtained two graduate degrees from Western University–all of which demonstrate her accomplished skill for community-centric projects and programming in the region. Ruth is a force that we are so lucky to have had during FCG’s semi-centennial year.


Over the past year, Ruth has tirelessly increased FCG’s advocacy and operations capacity. Notably, her leadership during FCG’s attention on the municipal budget has set our community up for many years of meaningful advocacy toward sustainable funding of arts and culture. Ruth maintained a strong relationship with our membership and community members during all advocacy undertakings. We know that she will continue to demonstrate an immeasurably strong commitment to the autonomy of all artists and all students in her exciting new role.


Graciously and with fervor, Ruth performed above and beyond her designated hours to manage events, act as a liaison, and support the research and action of FCG’s highly operational Board. Importantly, she was sympathetic and supportive of the positions of the Board throughout her term, bringing about a reciprocal relationship between Board and herself, as the sole part-time Staff. The Board of Directors was greatly strengthened by her leadership and lending of past FCG Board experience.


Ruth has consistently addressed community members and the space with such care that will be felt far beyond the end of term, setting a precedent for community-building across boundaries. The Board found working with Ruth to be highly equitable: an understanding and enthusiastic demeanor who is a good listener and a mentor-at-heart. In her day-to-day operations at the gallery, Ruth fostered a sense of openness, warmth, empathy, and integrity among FCG’s frequent and first-time visitors, affiliates, sponsors, volunteers, work-study interns, Members, and Board. Without a doubt, Ruth will remain steadfast in her commitment to FCG and other arts organizations in London alike.

We are excited for Ruth’s future and know she will be a forever ambassador of FCG in her advisory role at Embassy Cultural House and her aforementioned new role at Western University. We confidently anticipate that her commitment to artist-run culture will continue upon her departure from the role of Executive Director, given her impeccable track record for mentorship of emerging artists, curators, and arts workers.


In community, please join us in wishing Ruth Skinner a warm new start to her next chapter.




The Board of Directors, Forest City Gallery



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