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Hear Here - What Seas, What Shores, Miserere, and Peter Lebel

Friday, October 25, 2013

8:00- 10:00 PM

Forest City Gallery Proudly Presents: HEAR HERE 05- a night of music curated by Ian Doig- Phaneuf

Hear Here is a series of live-shows that take place at FCG in between exhibitions. The Hear Here committee selects one local music promoter to curate one night of music, that will feature two acts: one local band, and another of their choice. The FCG gratefully acknowledges OIART and WELLINGTON BREWERY for sponsoring this music series. Thank you to Billy Bert Young for the beautiful contribution to the Hear Hear 05 poster! ------------------------------------------------- HEAR HERE 05 FEATURES: (A night of music curated by Ian Doig- Phaneuf) WHAT SEAS, WHAT SHORES (Windsor) What Seas, What Shores take their name from the first line of T.S. Eliot's 'Marina,' a poem that portrays the vast emotions that come with being reunited with someone you never expected to see again. What Seas, What Shores’ music, however, is not so easily explained. Without the use of words or vocals, the music describes its own unusual, emotive power reminiscent of a turbulent coastal ebb and flow.

MISERERE (Toronto) Miserere makes strange music. Spider guitar songs thought up while building a house, worked on for a long time over long distances. Tangled, faraway guitar interplay, meandering vocals and an unhinged rhythm section, songs dealing with misguided hope, separations and reunions, anticipation and the space between things. Miserere recorded their self-titled debut in the winter with old friend and producer Jeff McMurrich (The Constantines, Owen Pallett, Jennifer Castle) for release on Idée Fixe Records records in Canada.

PETER LEBEL (London) ------------------------------------------------- Doors at 8 PM Music 8- 11 PM $7 at the door +19 event Have you already purchased your tickets to Devil’s Night ? Start your night at Forest City Gallery’s Hear Here 05 for just $5 (regular $7). OR... With proof of your purchase to Hear Here, you will get into Devil’s Night for $20 (regular $25). That’s only $25 for two amazing events!


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