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FCG Announces New Community Sponsor!

30 September 2023

FCG is pleased to announce the donation of a 24” iMac computer to the gallery by Michael Gibson Gallery. Michael Gibson Gallery is a longstanding feature of London’s arts and cultural community, and a promoter of both emerging and established London and national artists. In conversation with the gallery, Michael personally articulated his desire to contribute something that would have a meaningful and immediate impact on both FCG and the local arts community. This donation marks a significant moment of artistic sponsorship that will have a huge impact on our capacity to support local artists in their professional practices. Michael Gibson Gallery’s support of London’s only artist-run centre also constitutes a meaningful new partnership between two longstanding London art spaces.

FCG’s new (green!) iMac will form the basis of our new flex media space. This bookable space will offer a range of analogue and digital tools and technologies to both members and nonmembers for production and documentation.

In the late summer of 2023, FCG carried out an Artists and Art Professionals Survey to gather feedback from our community about the resources and opportunities that would best serve community need. We’ve shared an overview of that feedback on our website. When asked how likely they would be to use a flex space at FCG, 70% of respondents reported that this was either very likely or extremely likely. 31% of respondents identify themselves as digitally focused artists, and 45% identify digital tools as being what they use most frequently in their work.

FCG’s iMac will be outfitted with Adobe Suite and a range of open-source software valuable for art and music production, post-production, and documentation. FCG will also be offering a series of accessible workshops geared toward artistic professionalization. The first of these is an upcoming grant-writing workshop with Carolyn Bell Farrell (see below). Stay tuned for a schedule of events and the formal launch of FCG’s flex work space later this fall!

On behalf of our community, FCG offers a warm thank you to Michael Gibson and Michael Gibson Gallery’s Associate Director Jennie Kraehling.


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