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Crit Night!

Join us on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at 7 - 10pm, on Zoom.

Brought to you by FCG's Youth Council, this Crit Night will create a welcoming environment for the positive critique of artworks. We hope this platform will foster discussions about recent and current works in progress, with the aim of uplifting practicing artists while offering support from your fellow artists, art appreciators, and the local arts community!

The event will be hosted on Zoom and moderated by an FCG board member. Crit Night is open to all levels of practicing artists working in any medium. We especially encourage youth and emerging artists to participate and we hope that you can use this evening to gather some useful feedback about your current works in progress. You're welcome to join our crit night to simply observe, offer feedback, or submit an artwork for feedback. All participation levels are accepted and encouraged as it will gather more perspectives.

To register for Crit Night please click the link below and fill out the submission form, this will allow us to structure the event and ensure that each participant gets equal time to receive feedback. We hope you join us for our first Crit Night and hope that this can become a regular event, so watch out for future Youth Council programming!


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