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Adam Brouse, Andrew MacDonald, Kate McMurray - Activation

Friday, July 3, 2009 to Friday, July 10, 2009

Forest City Gallery is pleased to showcase emerging London art with Activation, a show that combines a one week exhibition opportunity with workshops designed to enhance artistic professionalism. Activation features the drawing and sculpture of Adam Brouse, Andrew MacDonald, and Kate McMurray. The gallery would like to thank the following individuals for their expertise in this year’s program : Wyn Geleynse for leading workshops on installation design, lighting, and photo documentation, Michael Gibson for his perspective on commercial gallery representation, Kane Faucher on writing the artist statement, and Rebekah Morrison-Wize for a seminar on grantwriting. Your generosity has helped make Activation possible!

Forest City Gallery is also pleased to present A Slice of Antares - the Red Supergiant, a special installation by Dickson Bou, winner of the University of Western Ontario’s 7th annual Juried Exhibition

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