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These Networks In Our Skin

Mimi Ọnụọha

October 29 - November 27, 2021

Artist Talk November 11th at 7pm as part of the Art Now! Speakers' Series

To Attend the talk please register on Zoom here.

Please visit the Art Now! event page for more information.

No problem is separate, and decisions made concerning tech influence other spaces, too. These Networks In Our Skin embraces that idea of interconnection. The short film depicts four women who physically funnel new artifacts and messages into Internet cables. But it shows this through a distinctly blended visual and sonic language that hints at how old practices, when adapted for new contexts, can yield powerful effects. Fueled by imagery and sounds drawn from the many traditions and cultures I've inherited, the women's work is a silent insistence that a different kind of mythology entirely needs to govern the creation and maintenance of our technosocial systems.

Mimi Ọnụọha is a Nigerian-American artist creating work about a world made to fit the form of data. By foregrounding absence and removal, her multimedia practice uses print, code, installation and video to make sense of the power dynamics that result in disenfranchised communities' different relationships to systems that are digital, cultural, historical, and ecological.

Onuoha has been in residence at Studio XX (Canada), Data & Society Research Institute (USA), the Royal College of Art (UK), Eyebeam Center for Arts & Technology (USA), and Arthouse Foundation (Nigeria, upcoming). She has spoken and exhibited internationally at venues like La Gaitê Lyrique (France), FIBER Festival (Netherlands), Mao Jihong Arts Foundation (China), and Le Centre Pompidou (France).

Her recent work includes In Absentia, a series of prints that borrow language from research that black sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois conducted in the nineteenth century to address the difficulties he faced and the pitfalls he fell into, and A People's Guide To AI, a comprehensive beginner's guide to understanding AI and other data-driven systems, co-created with Diana Nucera.

Ọnụọha lives and works in Brooklyn.


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