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the tree grows... / Claire Scherzinger & Jason Deary

Friday, May 5, 2017

Forest City Gallery is pleased to present “the tree grows its crown in the image of the root,” by Claire Scherzinger and Jason Deary. This two-person exhibition is rooted in intuition, memory, form and the formless, and will feature new paintings and sculptures. Opening Reception: May 5th, 7 -9 PM* *Mini Art-Crawl: Will Gorlitz opening at Michael Gibson Gallery, 8 - 10 PM Duration: May 5th – June 9th, 2017

About the exhibition: the tree grows its crown in the image of the root “When making art, the mind does not always seem present. It is the muscles and the bone that allow for movement. Yet, that blankness of mind that seems to be a goal some artists strive for is continually present as part of our long-term memory. The unconscious is being tapped for sources of inspiration; little bits of feelings and emotions we felt years ago. Making art is to revisit the theatre of the mind, the memory palace; to feel uncomfortable in a moment of a brush touching the canvas as we remember the place where we grew up. It is to feel a sense of hopefulness that a sculpture may turn out as you suddenly understand a turn of phrase your mother or father said to you when you were fourteen. ​The title is an inverse of Paul Klee’s words, taken from his notes on teaching modern art at the Bauhaus. What made sense then—to translate emotion and memory to geometric forms, to turn tapestries into lush, monolithic wall works—is not what necessarily makes sense now, in the present.

The artists, Jason Deary and Claire Scherzinger in their young careers as artists, have continually been coming back to the realization of how places and experiences in their youth have steered the content of their work. Once studio mates, the two artists have explored a range of visual vocabularies that have crossed and interlaced at different points in time, but have remained true to their interest in memory, place and the otherworldliness of the past”.

About the Artists:

Claire Scherzinger is a visual artist and writer with a BFA in drawing and painting and creative writing from OCAD University. In the span of her short career as an emerging artist she has shown her work across Canada at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, the Varley Museum in Markham, Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Mulherin. Toronto. She was also a winner of the RBC funded 17th National Painting Prize. Scherzinger lives and works in Toronto.

Jason Deary is a visual artist with an MFA from OCAD University and a BFA from the University of Windsor. He was a work study candidate at the Banff Centre and has had multiple exhibitions across Canada: FIELD Contemporary in Vancouver, Avalanche Institute of Contemporary Art in Calgary, and is currently represented by Mulherin, Toronto where he had his latest commercial solo show, Roll Call. Deary lives and works in Toronto.


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