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Sammy Orlowski

Sammy Orlowski is an award-winning cartoonist currently based in London, Ontario. She works in ink, watercolour, collage, and more to express herself through comics, zines, and other odds and ends. Sammy has self-published over 30 zines, and an anthology of her zine work, Big Dumb Brain, was published by Brown & Dickson in 2022. Her work has been shown in Forest City Gallery, Support Gallery, Satellite Project Space, TAP Centre for Creativity, and Good Sport. Sammy is interested in both the poignant and the (seemingly) pointless, drawn repeatedly to subjects from self-compassion and queer joy to early 2000s internet nostalgia and meme culture. Her wide-ranging artistic interests convene in a goal to capture, remix, and explode out the absurdities of life by pairing dark humour with expressive, colourful cartooning.


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