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Hear Here: Brian Ruryk, Goon, Nudes, and the Gloved Rats

Saturday, July 6th

Doors at 8PM

Brian Ruryk (Toronto avant garde)

Nudes (London harsh noise)

Goon (London electronic)

The Gloved Rats (London avant garde)

Doors at 8PM


FCG’s daytime hours are on pause for an early summer holiday, but we’re looking forward to returning with our July 6th Hear Here, guest curated/programmed by Sophia Rose and featuring avant garde, harsh noise and electronic noise from London and Toronto!

Brian Ruryk has been manipulating the concepts of sound since the 80s. Free jangled guitar notes spray over a live collage of junk percussion & chaos. Tape samples squeal out amongst herky jerky clatter of Ruryk’s eclectic set up. Much like the coming together of puzzle pieces in a way in which they do not fit, then experiencing the process in which the puzzler, instead of sorting the pieces, just cuts & mangles them to create a new image. @brian_ruryk

Nudes are an experimental duo out of London, Ontario. Their sound spans from harsh noise to ambient clicks and hums, flirting with power electronics and noisecore. @agedcheddle @nophonecamera

Goon are a gooncore electronic noise duo from London, Goontario. @soobawls

And a debut set from The Gloved Rats, a contemporary-experimental-electro-electronica INM (Intelligent N.O.R.K Music) collective. To say the least, the gloved rats have a very eclectic discography, ranging from a cry for help “N.O.R.K”, to the descent into madness called “Descent Into Madness.” @theglovedrats

Forest City Gallery’s Hear Here series is generously supported by Chris and Lina Bowden through the Cambia Development Foundation.


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