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Creative Writing Workshop

Image courtesy of Rima Sater and Laura Acosta, from You Can't Have Honey Without An Onion.

Hosted by Rima Sater and Laura Acosta

Sunday, January 7

1 - 3PM at Forest City Gallery

In tandem with their two-person exhibition, You Can't Have Honey Without An Onion, Rima Sater and Laura Acosta will present a community engagement activity to connect with the local public of London,Ontario. The artists will open a space for individuals who want to reflect on their own experiences of visibility, longing, displacement and belonging through fictional story-telling.

Participants in this creative writing workshop will collaborate on a fictional narrative. Participants will be invited to anonymously write small blurbs based on their personal reflections related to workshop themes. These pieces of writing will then be used as material to create an entirely new, abstract script collectively through a mad libs-type game. This script will be transcribed and left as printed copies available for visitors at the gallery during the exhibition.

Read two pieces of creative writing, "Gerry" and "Liquid," created by participants in Rima and Laura's accompanying workshop for the exhibition. This process echoes the creative process of Sater and Acosta who collaborate on poetic scores as the basis for their audio-visual work.

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