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Hear Here - Slow Attack Ensemble, Bank of America & Magic Daffodils

Friday, March 1

Doors at 6:30 (early show)


Hear Here presents an evening of local experimental and ambient music with:

Magic Daffodils - Free form improv troupe with members of the legendary Nihilist Spasm Band, Exit 2012 and the London Free Jazz Community 

Bank Of America - 33.99 0.86 (2.60%) 

Days Range 33.32 - 34.2452 

Week Range 24.76 - 35.10 

Bass Drum Guitar 

Slow Attack Ensemble - Minimalist ambience/ maximalist escapism. London's Slow Attack Ensemble weave lulling and transportive sound scapes for the wayfaring mind. 

Forest City Gallery’s Hear Here series is generously supported by Chris and Lina Bowden through the Cambia Development Foundation.


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