Welcome to FCG's 2020 Member's Show and Sale! 

Thank you so much for joining us this year, despite it being a little different! All of the works featured below are available for sale in support of FCG. Please note that all purchased works must be PICKED UP from the gallery. 


35. Scan #2, from the series Content Must Be Revised, Anahi Gonzalez Teran
48. Lucky, Greg Fischer
53. Waiting, Michelle Paterok
37. Experimental Cutlery (thumb piece), Faith Patrick
31. Sunflowers, Jordan Nesbitt
36. Scan #1, from the series Content Must be Revised, Anahi Gonzalez Teran
47. Smoking by the Pool, Annabel Biro
45. Diver, Alicia Fournier
43. Soup, Brenda Fuhrman
46. Gas Mask, Alicia Fournier
23. Jam on Bread, Sara Cuthbert
50. Kim Wilkie, The Landscape
51. Liz Norton, 1835 Dundas Street
49. Kim Wilkie, Untitles
3. black and white rainbows, Monica Joy Peeff
5. Jingle Jingle, Sarah Lanteigne
14. Falling, Adi Berardini